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Stockpair-A Simple Strategy To Make Money


One more emerging trading platform in the online trading market is the stockpair option. This is very similar to a binary option but works on a different platform with different tools, strategies and trade plans. It is very common among the newbies to first see the blogs and articles on a particular trading option before burning their hands. Though this might be useful and informative to an extent, it might not give them the real picture unless they try their hands themselves. Every blog will have something different and new to add to the existing content and some might contradict with each other. So it is better for them to place their foot on the trading ground and try their turns.

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One most disastrous good thing many of the blogs post is that it allows a demo which is actually wrong. They no longer offer this. If you want to trade using stockpair you have to open an account at any cost but with two options: either you can start with the minimum deposit or try paper trading.

Now, you might think as to what this paper trading is all about when we are talking everything over the web? Sneak a peek to know the truth.


  1. Account with a minimum deposit

    Here the trader is required to make the minimum deposit, open his account and experience trading without losing much money. This might of course not be constructive for all the new entrants but will at least give an insight about trading which might help them in future to play shielded.

  2. Paper trade

    For people who cannot afford to lose even this minimum deposit, the only alternate is to try out this paper trade. Here you will be given a form to fill in all personal details at the end of which you will get a login without any initial investment. You cannot experience the real trade here because you have opted for cashless trading, but can have an access to the trading platform and be a spectator. You can pen down the asset details, the options you might have traded on if it was a real trade, wait till it expires and note down the results. This will give you an experience which might form base for your future trading. This might be a good way of learning but to get to the nerve of the market you should take up the real trading by making the minimum deposit.

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